Research Areas

User Experience

As a User Experience Researcher I help Fortune 500 companies accomplish specific business objectives by improving user experience of their products and services. By studying users in their environment I help define project requirements, assist in designing interfaces for technology solutions, assess usability of current and conceptual products, and help inform overall business strategy. White papers, blog posts and case studies on these topics are available on the Writings page.

Vision, Attention, and Awareness

My academic work focuses on the relationship between vision, attention, and awareness. Visual masking and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) allow us to assess how the sense of seeing, i.e. the explicit visual awareness, develops over time and what type of visual information is available to the brain and mind at various stages of this experience.

Published papers as well as conference presentations on these topics are listed on the Science Papers page; articles can be accessed via a reprint repository.

Research Tools

Research tools and how-to’s are a work-in-progress. Email me if you cannot find what you’re looking for.